Open Tai Chi Championships

Many people are not aware that Wushu (including Tai Chi) is an international competition sport. There are Wushu Tournaments, Competitions and Championships held throughout the world every year, including in Australia.

The TCAA holds a National Tai Chi Championship annually.


The 2018 TCAA Competition was held again at the Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre, Darlington Road, Darlington on Saturday 2nd June.

It was.well attended with about 70 individuals competing, assisted by about 25 officials. Feedback comments from participants and officials were very positive and encouraging.


On 3th June 2017, the TCAA hosted a happy and successful Open Tai Chi Championship at the Sydney University Sport and Aquatic Centre. The Championship was very well sunscribed with a requirement for two arenas. It was well supported by a host of very helpful and professional officials.

Competition Photos

Amy, 2017 Female Overall Champion
Desmond, 2017 Male Overall Champion


On 4th June 2016, the TCAA hosted a happy and successful Open Tai Chi Championship at the Sydney University Sport and Aquatic Centre. We had 37 individuals with 80 performances. There were forms competition (TaoLu) as well as Push-Hands. Read the Results of Competition

This TCAA Championship was approved by the KWA (Kungfu Wushu Australia, national peak body for Chinese martial arts) for selection of Australian Tai Chi national representatives to the IWUF (International Wushu Federation) 2nd World Taijiquan Championships Oct. 14 - 20 in Warsaw, Poland.

Three highly skilled athletes qualified to represent Australia, but regrettably the participation in Warsaw had to be withdrawn as there was no official available to lead the team to the venue.


Photos of the Tai Chi Ball and Sword events.


The Push Hands competition.


Push hands over 85 kg Gold and Silver medalist, Sunny Li.


Photo from the 2015 Tai Chi Competition at Sydney University on Saturday 7th June, 2015


The June 8th 2012 TCAA Open Tai Chi Competition went very well, and it was very pleasing to see the standard of performance going ever higher. This year's competition had the support to the Confucius Institute of the University of Sydney, and it garnered a strong participation from the Chinese speaking community of Sydney.


Photos from the 2012 competition.

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